The journey starts when goodbyes finish!


It's time to go...We are ready!

We have spend the last 2 weeks with our amazing friends... we had a lot of farewell parties and "last" dinners, so now it's even harder to go, but new adventures and experiences are waiting for us.

Thank you all for making our stay in New Zealand! We are definitely going to miss you all !!!

Here is our plan for the next 3 months... So excited!

  • The first destination is going to be Australia, driving 4 weeks on the east coast from Melbourne to Cairns.

  • Then flying to Indonesia for a month, traveling around Bali, Lombok, Gilli Island, Jogyakarta up to Jakarta, where flying out to Kuala Lumpur, Maleysia for a few days.

  • Our last destination will be in Vietnam for 27 days from the south (Saigon) to the north (Hanoi) and then back home to Europe ...

Keep in touch (read our blog) and we hope to see you soon! :)



Petra & Alban