Last week in Australia...


We arrived to our last destination in Australia, Cairns.

We had a few stop on the way including Townsville, Port Douglas (Daintree rainforest and Great barrier reef) and Kuranda rainforest in Cairns.

We went to another Wildlife Park called Billabong near Townsville. Less people, more teeth, less Koala :)
We saw a few Kangaroo with their little Joey, some moving (they were all sleeping in the previous wildlife park), wombats, we fed a cassowary and we saw some real badass crocodiles !





There was shows, along all the day about most of those animals, including crocodiles feeding. That's impressive to see that.



It was Fantastic, Alban enjoyed this one more than the previous one, while Petra still looove koalas ;) You can also hug Koala, or take pictures with snakes and baby crocodiles or event a big wombat!

alban with baby crocodile
We spent our morning in the park till 1pm and went to Townsville after for a late lunch and la siesta (nap).

Then, we went to Port Douglas , where we spent two nights in a campsite. We went for a ride to Daintree Rainforest and took a great tour for diving/snorkeling in great barrier reef. While one was awesome (great barrier reef), the other was average..

great barrier reef

Daintree Rainforest doesn't offer a lot, if you don't do a tour. We went by ourselves with the van, took the ferry to cross the river and here we are, the daintree Rainforest. Looking at the map they gave us at the information center, it looks like we will have a lot to do and a lot to drive (The map is folded in 3 A4 pages).. Que Nenni, there is a few walks into the rainforest but not more than 30min walking (there is a 6 hours walk but you need to start before 10am). We still drove until they tell you "You are not driving a 4WD ? make a U-turn..". There were supposed to be a spot to swim at the end of the normal road but obviously, you can see that panel.


We still managed to swim in one spot on our way back where it is crocodile free.

The second day, we went on a boat to the Great Barrier Reef from Port Douglas! We had a great time, the boat stopped in 3 different spots to snorkel, Alban dived twice, while Petra was snorkeling. It is quite expensive but it's worth it, the crew was nice, there was a lot of food and the great barrier reef is amazing ! We let you enjoy a few pictures (Yes, Petra saw a Shark but not me).

great barrier reef 1
great barrier reef 2
great barrier reef 3
great barrier reef 4
great barrier reef 5

Next day we did a long walk (more than 10km) in Kuranda rainforest and around the village.

We spent our Last 3 days in Cairns. The city does not have much to offer, so we mostly tried to plan our trip in Bali, Lombok and Java which starts tonight ! :) Juhuuu

we still went for a walk on the Esplanade, enjoyed Cairns artificial lagoon (no crocodiles, sharks or stingers in here !), went to the night markets and tried some crocodile meat...


Time for us to go to the airport on our way to Bali !

See you soon !


Petra & Alban